Exploring Chandubi Lake: An ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle

This is a break that I needed. It has been almost a year since I had been to Guwahati or any other place with my family.Though I graduated from Cotton College ( now Cotton University) in 2009, I never visited Chandubi Lake even though I lived in Guwahati for 4 years.

Trivia :

The Chandubi lake lies 64 kilometres from Guwahati at the foot of the Garo hills, between Assam and Meghalaya. A massive earthquake occurred on 12th June 1897 with an estimated magnitude of 8.2-8.3 formed the Chandubi lake.
Mighty Brahamaputra River

The journey from my native place Gohpur took us 6 hours. We arrived in Guwahati at 3:00 PM and stayed with my sister residence in Garchuk, the GPRA‘s colony.

The journey begins

Our journey to Chandubi started at 11 AM the following morning after breakfast.There are two ways to reach Chandubi using Mirza road and Rani road. From GPRA Colony Guwahati, we drove two hours via beautiful, narrow, free from traffic roads passing hills and houses to reach Chandubi. The hilly, tranquillity, and calm of Rani road are not to be missed. The road is good mostly, except for a few bumps. At the Deepor Beel we clicked a few photos.

Soloka Dare Waterfall

We drove through winding roads, passed trees laden with betel nuts finally arrived at Soloka dare waterfall popularly known as Baregaon waterfall due to its close proximity to the Baregaon village.You will get an entry pass for just 10 rupees after reaching the place. Many traditional goods, fruits and vegetables are sold on both sides of the road by local shops, who are very grateful for the opportunity. Just a few steps away is the Soloka Dare waterfall.

The coldwater oozes from both sides of the cliffface. It is very steep and very little water flows down to the big rocks at the bottom. Slowly, it flows into an extremely narrow river bed. This is very a popular spot for picnics and families to enjoy the refreshingly cold water. We saw some Local kids bathe in the river. We bid the place farewell after a few hours and left to find the next spot.

Chandubi Lake

Mesmerising Chandubi Lake

Chandubi Lake is just 15 minutes away from Soloka Dare waterfall . So beautiful place. The hills around the lake add to its mesmerising appeal that can be attributed to its calm refreshing waters, natural hills and the reflections of the sky on the surface of the water.

After we reached Chandubi Lake at 3:30pm, we boated in the lake and explored the lake also visited another side of the lake. We are very hungry now. The only problem is that we arrive late, so ordering food was very difficult, or at least not available. So next time if you visit this place don’t make this mistake.It would have been nice to bring food since there are only a few local vendors for food. That’s my only complaint.

But, Chandubi Lake offer a lot more than just peacefulness. It’s also provide a gateway to serenity and happiness. Imagine yourself taking a walk surrounded by hills and the serenity of the lake, not only will this make you feel happy but it will also make you feel healthier.

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