Apple talks to suppliers to increase manufacturing efforts outside of China

Apple is intending to decrease its reliance on suppliers working in China, a report claims, with the iPhone maker telling some contract manufacturers it wants to expand production outside of the country.

The Apple supply chain in China is having to deal with regular COVID-19 lockdowns, which impose strict rules that can impact workforces at its contract partners. With continued issues caused by the lockdowns, Apple is now hoping supply partners in other parts of the world can pick up the slack.The company has allegedly told some suppliers it wants to increase production outside of China, reports sources of the Wall Street Journal. People involved in the discussions said Beijing’s strict policies over COVID-19 were high up on a list of reasons for looking elsewhere.

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Daily deals May 21: $100 off 11-inch iPad Pro, $173 Cuisinart Pizza Oven, $100 Linksys Mesh Wi-Fi

Alongside $100 off an 11-inch iPad Pro, Saturday’s best deals include $60 Razer Anzu Smart Glasses, a 75-inch Toshiba Smart TV for $750, a $179 Polk Audio soundbar , and much more.

Best deals May 21Best deals May 21

Every day, AppleInsider checks online stores for discounts and deals on a variety of items, including Apple products, smart TVs, cameras, and accessories. The best items are put together in our daily deals list.

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Texas boy’s 31 cheeseburger order demonstrates why you should secure your iPhone

A Texas mother ended up with 31 McDonald’s cheeseburgers after her two-year-old son got a hold of her iPhone and ordered the food via DoorDash.

Credit: Marques ThomasCredit: Marques Thomas

Kelsey Burkhalter Golden recounted the incident on Facebook Monday, posting an image of her son next to the small mountain of burgers. She joked that she has “31 free cheeseburgers from McDonald’s if anyone is interested”

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Best iPad accessories for college students

Give yourself the best chance at success to wind down the school year or start the next one with our top picks for iPad accessories for students.

iPads are an everyday staple on college campuses, with many students preferring to use them on a daily basis over laptops.By adding a few essential accessories, the iPad can help streamline your study setup, help you glide through group projects, and give you a great way to relax in your downtime.

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Compared: OnePlus 10 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max

We got our hands on the new OnePlus 10 Pro and compared to Apple’s latest iPhone 13 Pro line for this in-depth showdown.

The OnePlus 10 Pro directly competes with the iPhone 13 Pro seriesThe OnePlus 10 Pro directly competes with the iPhone 13 Pro series

After going on sale in China, OnePlus used Mobile World Congress to reveal it is bringing the OnePlus 10 Pro to other regions worldwide. It intends to release the model in North America, India, and Europe by the end of March 2022, among other expansions.

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How to answer calls to your iPhone on macOS Monterey and iPadOS 15

Thanks to Apple’s Continuity, users can easily make and receive cellular phone calls on Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. Here’s how to do it.

There are plenty of reasons that you’d want to use your iPad or Mac for a cellular call — though most likely, it’s because that is the device closest to you when you receive a call. Fortunately, Apple allows you to make and receive cellular calls with your Mac, iPad, and even your iPod touch, should you be so inclined.It takes a couple of minutes to set everything up, so we suggest gathering all your devices, including your iPhone, together before you start.

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Apple releases iTunes 12.12.4 for Windows with security fixes

Apple has released a new version of iTunes for Windows with patches that mitigate several security vulnerabilities, including issues in WebKit and Mobile Device Service.

iTunes for WindowsiTunes for Windows

The iTunes 12.12.4, released on Wednesday, contains at least five fixes for security flaws in Apple’s underlying software. Users can download the update from the Windows Store or Apple’s website.

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Apple privacy exec Jane Horvath talks data regulations, career advice & more

Apple chief privacy officer Jane Horvath has given a wide-ranging interview covering everything from her first job at Baskin-Robbins to current and security data best practices.

Apple privacy chief Jane HorvathApple privacy chief Jane Horvath

Horvath leads Apple’s Privacy, Policy, and Regulatory team. In that role, she has advocated for strong privacy rights like the 2015 dustup with the FBI over iPhone backdoors, counseled on new product features, and oversaw legal issues at the tech giant.

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